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Nana, I dont know where to begin.i am so very sorry that I live so far away I feel my children were robbed of the experience of knowing my beautiful loving Nana.You were my rock words cant even begin to describe the pain without you knowing i will never hear your beautiful voice again all of my happy childhood memories are because of you.You took time to show me that you love me and that love was unconditional.i willnever forget the many summers that you would fly me back home or that one time the airlines had me on a flight to Alaska because my plane tickets got switched with some one else.thise were my happiest care free times when I could let go of all my problems and just be a kid.I love the ocean because it reminds me of you and Aunti Lisa.Everytime I see a figurine of a elephant I think back to how you use to have little elephants knick knacks threw out your house.I LLOVE YOU NANA. Always Lil Jeaniney