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Wedding Cake

Posted by Dottie May Kinraide Welch - Nova Scotia - Family   August 08, 2020

Wedding Laugh

Posted by Dottie May Kinraide Welch - Nova Scotia - Family   August 08, 2020

Wedding Reception, 29 May 1965

Posted by Dottie May Kinraide Welch - Nova Scotia - Family   August 08, 2020


I cherish fond memories of Tom and Beverly through the Unitarian Fellowship in Beckley, WV. They made a lasting impression on me. They truly lived their beliefs and values. May his family be comforted and at peace. April

Posted by April Cassidy - Princeton, WV - Friend   August 08, 2020


Tom deserves a tribute for his work in Aluminum toxicity, for being a good father to his 2 girls, for giving guidance as well as assistance, along with his wife, Beverly, to many young and older adults in need, for volunteering for Special Olympics and the Scouting communities (boys and girls alike), for being supportive of both his wife and the UUA church, and for his generosity, quirkiness, and sense of humor. He was a good, bright and very interesting man who will be sorely missed. It was a special experience to know you, Tom. I hope you rest in peace and joy. Susie

Posted by Susan Brookfield - Longview, WA - Family   August 04, 2020


Our Kinraide fathers were brothers with many common interests including camping, boating, and skiing as National Ski Patrol. Both graduated from MIT as engineers and lived most of their lives in Massachusetts. Weekends were treasured as outdoor time. My first memory of Tommy is a 1954 camping and fishing trip to Birch Island on Cupsuptic Lake in Maine. Our dads inherited joint ownership of a small cottage on Spectacle Pond in Sandwich on Cape Cod where we swam, ate lobster, watched birds, learned to identify plants, and explored Barnstable dunes. I was a Brownie in 1958 when Tommy received his Eagle Scout Award.
Tommy and I agreed that some of our best memories were skiing at the Appalachian Mountain Club Cardigan Lodge in New Hampshire. Later we skied at Berkshire Snow Basin in Cummington which was owned by Newton High School friends Stan and Ruth Brown. Aunt Claudia converted the old barn loft into a bunk area and Stan taught us all to ski in the new weidling style.
After 1960 our families gathered in either Westwood or Waltham to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. There were always lively and interesting discussions around those dinner tables. We gladly welcomed Bev into the family at their May 1965 wedding in Sharon.
As adults our homes have been miles apart, but we made an effort to stay connected -- a 1970 evening bike ride in Missoula with Tom carrying JJ in a baby bike seat Vermont in 1979 Nova Scotia in 1984 and 2004 -- June 2001 at the Falls of Ohio State Park when they were living in West Virginia and we were square dancing in Louisville and several visits to Sharon as we drove through New England. It was always a joy to share our memories and our inherited Kinraide traits of inquisitive minds appreciative of all aspects of the natural world.
We are thankful for all the good times we had and the memories to treasure. During this difficult time, we send our deepest sympathies to Jerusha and Rebecca and their families. (See photos.)

Posted by Dottie May Kinraide Welch - Nova Scotia, Canada - Family   August 02, 2020

My condolences to all of Tom's family and friends. I met Tom as a teenager and had the chance to work with him years later on behalf of the Beckley, WV Unitarian congregation. He was a man who was simultaneously of great intellect but very down-to-earth -- a rare combination. He and Bev made an immeasurable difference in my life, for which I'll always be grateful.

Posted by James Casebolt - St. Clairsville, OH - Family Friend   July 31, 2020

Tom and his (late) wife Beverly we're dear friends of mine for a number of years. Tom and I maintained a casual friendship after Beverly passed. I will remember him for the invitations to family celebrations, visits to local restaurants, scientific conventions, pushing me around in a wheelchair when I broke my ankle and especially his attention
and generosity he gave to those in need, his family and the Unitarian Church.

Posted by Louise Chereski - Sharon, MA - Friend   July 27, 2020

Tom will always hold a special place in my heart. I will miss him dearly but will cherish the wonderful memories of our many special visits. I often told him that he reminded me of my dad, just a little quirkier, and he always smiled his BIG smile :) I feel like I have lost my dad again. You and your dear family are in my thoughts, Rebecca.

Posted by Rumni Saha - Sharon, MA - Friend   July 27, 2020

Tom was a thoughtful and intelligent man who will be missed. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time, and I hope your wonderful memories of him bring you comfort as you grieve.

Posted by Karen Zelevinsky - Sharon, MA - Family Friend   July 26, 2020

My heart is aching, Tom and I worked together for 30 yrs at USDA ARS Beaver WV, and for 10 of those I was his support tech or as we frequently laughed his "work wife". A one of a kind man, intelligent, generous, compassionate, accomplished scientist and conversationalist, and my true friend. I have many fond memories both harmonious and argumentative, we were a pair. I recall one incident when I won a bet and was allowed to trim his infamous treasured bushy eyebrows!
Tom and Bev made a positive mark on our southern WV community via their kind and generous spirit. My husband Mike and I had the pleasure of Tom's visits to our Beaver home after his retirement and move to Sharon. We looked forward to those visits and communicated often after our retirement. We dreamed of taking a trip to anywhere in the world, but sadly life issues got in the way. I treasure my friendship with him and the memories we made together. I truly miss him.
JJ and Becca and families, our sincerest condolences, sharing your sadness but cherishing the memories.

Posted by Billie Sweeney - The Villages, FL - Friend   July 25, 2020

A gentle man, scholar, good father whose wisdom will be missed

Posted by Thomas Quin    July 24, 2020

Although Tom and I worked together for a short time I regard him as one of the most important influences in my career. I shared an office with him while he joined Leon Kochian at the USDA Lab in Ithaca NY (1991 ?) for a sabbatical. I was doing a post-doc with Leon at the time. We had common research interests so we started tossing ideas around. In the end, that time in Leon's lab was one of the most exciting periods for me and interacting with Tom was an important part in that. I learnt so much from him - especially how to really think through problems and perform careful experiments. Apart from the science, I enjoyed our long and sometimes passionate discussions on any and every topic. He invited me to his house in Beaver WV where I met Beverly. Later he visited me in Canberra. I was very fond of Tom and owe him more than he ever realised. Vale Tom.

Posted by Peter Ryan - Canberra - Friend   July 23, 2020

I am so sorry for your loss. The loss of a parent is never easy. Your Father was a remarkable man. Thanks for including me in your family's always open home.

Posted by Meg Homan - Beckley, WV - Family Friend   July 23, 2020

It is a privilege to have known Tom, a man of kindness, compassion and generosity. I am saddened by his passing but with happy memories of our interactions - a scientist of the highest echelon who I so admired and from whom I learned a great deal. Tom and Bev were an amazing couple, recalling one occasion when Tom told me how, when first employed, they were privileged to pay their tax and decided how to contribute to other philanthropic bodies. With love,

Posted by Pax Blamey - Brisbane - Coworker   July 22, 2020

The world has suffered the loss of ine of the finest people to walk here. He was not just a friend but a family member. We will cherish the time we had and his memory will be with us forever. Our condolences to his family and friends there. He will be missed.

Posted by Kimberly Atterson - Beckley, WV - Friend   July 22, 2020

I met Tom when he took my office mate Becca out for lunch. The phone left behind rang, and I tracked them down for an important message. A lively conversation about books, politics, and science - no surprise - followed, and a week later, a brand-new book on a topic I liked appeared on my desk: a present from my new friend. Every time I visited with the Kinraide-Drewry clan, Tom made sure I felt welcome, introducing me to people, getting me fed, and even on one occasion helping me parallel park my car. My sense was always that he wanted deeply for people to know that he cared about them. What a rare and wonderful quality, particularly given the world we now live in. I am glad to have been on the receiving end of his generous spirit.

Posted by Melanie Smith - Andover, MA - Family Friend   July 22, 2020

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Posted by Rebecca Kinraide - Sharon, MA - Family   July 22, 2020

Tom and I served on church committees (UU), sat together at services, walked his dogs, and "intellectualized". I will miss him.

Posted by Valerie White - SHARON, MA - Neighbor   July 22, 2020

We'll miss Tom and his wealth of knowledge, sense of adventure and intellectual curiosity. He was eager to spend time with the kids and friends whether trick or treating, or at parties, holidays and dinners.

Tim and I especially appreciate Tom's support of environmental organizations; the fact that he and your mom constructed the first LEED certified home in Sharon is testament to his love of nature.

Tom's fun-loving, generous spirit endures through each member of his beautiful family. In that way, and others, our memories of Tom will continue to be a blessing to us and the world.

Posted by Linda Orel and Tim Humphreys - Sharon, MA - Family Friend   July 22, 2020

To my nieces Jerusha and Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dad and my brother-in-law, and only wish him and yourselves the peace he so desired since the demise of your dear mom so many years ago now. An interesting and learned man, Tom had a tough final years since then, so I can only hope and trust that he finds the relief he sought in his passing. My love and best wishes always to you both.

Posted by Uncle Don - Marshfield, MA - Family   July 22, 2020

I enjoyed talking with Tom more than with almost anyone else. He had such a wide range of knowledge and interests. And a great sense of humor. Once, during an ice storm, we were listening to tree branches cracking under accumulated ice when we heard a nearby siren. "Ah", said Tom, "The tree surgeon is coming."
Ford Denison, former lab-mate, now in Minnesota

Posted by Ford Denison - St. Paul, MN - Friend   July 22, 2020

One of my favorite memories of him was seeing him with Tay when Tay was just under a year. I'd never been around him with small children and was just amazed at how sweet he was with him and how much fun they had together. I think I have a picture of them together somewhere but I'll have to look for it.

Posted by Angela Kauffman - Morgantown, WV - Family Friend   July 22, 2020

Tom was always kind and a wonderful and caring conversationalist. He and Bev had us over to dinner parties several times and always respectfully listened to our thoughts and opinions and had excellent insights to share. I will always remember Tom as a very intelligent man with a kind soul full of compassion for others.

Posted by Alicia Kinder - Beckley, WV - Friend   July 22, 2020

My uncle held the most interesting conversations! I learned about different reasoning in history, strange animal habits, and new vocabulary from Uncle Tom. He influenced me to not only start, but finish reading Moby Dick! He will be missed.

Posted by Elaine Brookfield - MA - Family   July 22, 2020

Dear Rebecca and Toby, I am sad to hear of Tom's death, he was a unique and cherished member of our church congregation. I enjoyed his sense of humor, his passion about causes and about the church's future, and had many conversations with him and Beverly over the years. He will be missed. My deepest sympathies to you and your family at this time of loss.

Posted by Linda Godfrey-Bailey - Sharon, MA - Friend   July 22, 2020

JJ and Becca. I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of your father. Both of your parents were very special to me. When I think of them, thoughts of their kindness and gentleness are what I am reminded of the most. I love you both.

Posted by Vickie Osborne - Princeton, WV - Family Friend   July 22, 2020